Coalitions and partners

We lead coalitions that accelerate food redistribution in Brazil.
In this sense, we also join forces with different sectors of society to create a favorable environment for food donation, both in regulatory terms and in operationalization and awareness on the subject.

Save Food Brasil

Connecting Food co-created Save Food Brasil in 2016, which, in short, is the Brazilian arm of the initiative of the same name, born years earlier in Germany, under the tutelage of FAO. In our country, this initiative had the participation of dozens of companies, government institutions and civil society, to disseminate best practices with a view to reducing food losses and waste.

Among the contributions of Save Food in Brazil are:

In 2021, Connecting Food was again one of the protagonists in the creation of another important initiative, the Todos à Mesa Movement, together with Ifood. This is the first Brazilian coalition of companies and organizations that come together with the purpose of reducing the impacts of hunger in Brazil and working to reduce food waste. This is done by strengthening redistribution networks, articulating a favorable regulatory environment for food donation and, finally, raising awareness on the subject.

Ours Clients

List of current clients

"Since 1995, we have had the “Partnership Against Waste Program”, which contributes to complementing millions of meals by donating fruits and vegetables suitable for consumption, but which are not aesthetically attractive for sale, to hundreds of social institutions and partner food banks of the GPA Institute. The partnership with the startup Connecting Food began in 2018 and has been fundamental in connecting our stores and social organizations, in measuring the Program's data, gaining even more precision in verifying the volume donated, in managing the monthly frequency, in monitoring and ensuring the destination of food to the beneficiaries, in addition to generating indicators related to economic and social results. Each year, we evolve, expand and strengthen this program, as well as the partnership between GPA and Connecting Food."

Renata C. Amaral
Sustainability Manager - GPA


Through innovative and collaborative partnerships, Assaí Atacadista has contributed to food safety and fruit and vegetable waste guidelines, expanding our donation program beyond food banks.
Through our “Destino Certo Program” and with the expertise of Connecting Food, we managed to reach more communities in vulnerable situations and bring a second chance to items that were aesthetically rejected at the time of sale, but which are suitable for consumption.
The partnership between Assaí and Connecting Food began in 2021 and is already yielding positive impacts: in 2022 alone, we will donate more than 2,000 tons of food, 65% more than last year."

Fábio Lavezo
Sustainability and Social Investment Manager - Assaí

"This partnership with Connecting Food came to solve an old question of the safe and correct destination of food discards. In addition, of course, we can allocate part of these discards in donations to the community."

Juarez F. de Souza
Loss Prevention Manager - Proença Supermercado

"iFood's partnership with Connecting Food has been an enriching and inspiring experience since we founded the “Todos A Mesa” movement. Connecting has been doing an incredible job, playing a key role in combating food waste in Brazil, working tirelessly to improve the food donation regulatory framework and significantly reducing the amount of food discarded that is fit for consumption. The teams demonstrates a commitment beyond from normal by addressing a critical issue that affects millions of Brazilians.
We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Connecting Food and believe that together we can make a difference in the fight against food waste and in building a more sustainable and just future for everyone."

André Borges
Head of Sustainability at Ifood