Connecting Food acts systematically in the fight against food waste and hunger, directly with industry and retail companies that also want to deliver a positive social impact to the society.

In the same way, we help these companies to leverage their position of relevance in the solutions of major social issues, adding an advisory look to the customized projects that we develop together for the redistribution of surplus food.

We also build coalitions and carry out advocacy, with the aim of fostering the legal environment necessary for the operationalization and growth of food donations in our country.


Coordination and monitoring of the flow of donations between donors and social organizations


Composition and optimization of donation processes in companies, based on consulting technical expertise expertise técnico consultivo

Special Projects

Strategy, planning and implementation of different autonomous models of food redistribution in territories and vulnerable areas

Mobilization and engagement

Customized programs to strengthen the cause within organizations, through experiences, data and stories


The numbers we have achieved so far show that we are really making a difference by connecting food donors with social organizations that serve millions of vulnerable people.

NGOs served

Tons of Food

Complementary Meals