serving the fight against food waste and food insecurity

Socio-environmental impact through intelligent management of surplus food donations.

Hunger and food waste are one of the greatest paradoxes of today. Connecting Food is the first Brazilian foodtech specialized in connecting food that would be discarded by companies, but still good for consumption, to social organizations that serve people in situations of social vulnerability. 

With technology, data and connections, we place the “S” of ESG at the center of the strategy of companies that want to act to reduce waste and the effects of hunger, improving the socio-environmental impact of the entire chain.

Alcione Silva – Founder and CEO of Connecting Food

Alcione Pereira, CEO of Connecting Food, founded the first Brazilian foodtech with a socio-environmental impact, in 2017. 

With a degree in Food Engineering and an MBA in Business Management and a Master's in Sustainability, she has been dedicated to studying food and its distribution processes for over 20 years. 

Alcione has been an important articulator in creating the necessary regulatory environment for food donations in Brazil. She is also co-founder of the “Todos à Mesa” Movement and serves as a technical consultant on projects related to the humanitarian supply chain.

We support our clients' ESG strategy and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We work to create a regulatory environment favorable to food donations. We help reduce the negative effects of discarding food chain surpluses on the planet, by connecting them to institutions that redistribute them to people in situations of social vulnerability. 
This is one of the KEYS to minimize the impacts of hunger in Brazil and for the sustainable development of companies that want to contribute directly to this cause.

What we provide

 Operations optimization

By efficiently managing food donations, Connecting Food allows its customers to optimize the time spent on this task. In other words, they minimize operating costs and free up teams to focus on core business activities.

Awareness about waste

We developed a work to understand the problem and the importance of initiatives that make it possible to reduce food waste, by promoting coalitions and building a regulatory environment favorable to the issue.

Capture of tax incentives

We guide our clients in obtaining tax incentives related to the food donation process.

Cost reduction with waste management

The efficient management of donations ensures that food that is still good for consumption is not disposed of in landfills. In addition, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of waste management and the negative impact on the environment.

Visibility of data on losses

We generate strategic data for managing losses and, consequently, for improving inventory control.

Socio-environmental impact indicators

We generate indicators to add to risk mitigation and actions with a socio-environmental impact by the private sector. In this way, we contribute to its public position in social co-responsibility.

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